These Classic Bands from the 60s and 70s Are Still Jamming!

These Classic Bands from the 60s and 70s Are Still Jamming! Barnett Financial & Tax

Baby Boomers have certainly proved that retirement can be a time of not just rest and relaxation but of fun and adventure. As you enter this wonderful new phase of your life, there are famous bands and musicians from the 60s and 70s that are still on tour now, whose tunes and jams have uplifted your spirits and given you an outlet to express yourself. If you’re a music lover wanting to see some of your favorite bands, check out these 9 tours you may want to attend!

  1. Earth, Wind & Fire – These funk legends, with their classic hit “September,” tour North America throughout the rest of 2022 and Spring 2023.[1]
  2. Chicago – Created in 1967, Chicago will be on tour until the end of 2022. All you Street Players better break out your dance moves![2]
  3. The Rolling Stones – From the USA to Germany and beyond, roll with the stones until October of next year![3]
  4. KISS – Rock along to “I Was Made for Loving You” with KISS in Mexico City in December.[4]
  5. The Beach Boys – 81 and still rocking, catch Mike Love of The Beach Boys sing those iconic harmonies all the way until May 2023.[5]
  6. Aerosmith – You don’t have to dream on anymore to see Aerosmith live! The band will be on tour in 2022 in December.[6]
  7. The Doobie Brothers – Listen to the music from Catch Michael, Tom, John, and Pat from December until April 2023.[7]
  8. Sting – Send a message in a bottle back home from across the pond if you’re looking to take an overseas vacation! The melodious rock of Sting is firing up the international stage once again from 2022 until April 9th, 2023.[8]
  9. The Eagles – Check into Hotel California and jam alongside the Eagles from November 2022 to March 3rd, 2023, in the great ol’ USA![9]

Apart from bands, other musicians like Elton John, Billy Joel, Rod Stewart, and Eric Clapton are touring in various parts of the world, offering a chance to go on vacation and watch your favorite band. With so many acts to see, retirement has never been more exciting!

As you make your pick (or picks) and grab your tickets, take time to find out how your financial plan can accommodate all the fun and adventure you’re planning in retirement by speaking to a professional. Click here for a complimentary review of your finances with us today.

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