Looking for a Good Summer Read?

Looking for a Good Summer Read? Barnett Financial & Tax

There is almost nothing better than a beautiful day out in the sunshine, a glass of something cool in your hand, and a great book in your lap. So, when you’re packing your travel bag full of necessities or just looking for a summer escape on your front porch, consider grabbing one of these titles!

The Invisible Husband of Frick Island by Colleen Oakley

A young, ambitious journalist gets assigned to cover a fluff piece in a quaint little town in the middle of Chesapeake Bay. Piper Parrish lives in this adorable community and has nearly the perfect life except for one small detail: Her husband, Tom, is dead, and she and the entire town of Frick Island pretend he’s still alive.

The Change by Kirsten Miller

We all know what “the change” refers to in regard to women of a certain age. In this tale, the change brings new powers to a group of three women who live in an affluent beach town. These women embrace their new powers to go head-to-head with an evil that’s lurking in the shadows of their community.

Breaking the Age Code: How Beliefs about Aging Determine How Long and Well You Live by Becca Levy

If non-fiction is more your style, you might be interested in this book written by a Yale professor and leading expert on the psychology of aging. Her scientific research is presented through numerous life stories and showcases the mind-body connection and how your beliefs about aging can add or subtract up to 8 years of your life!

The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman

Set in a peaceful retirement village, four septuagenarians meet weekly to discuss unsolved crimes. When a local developer is murdered near their village, they find themselves involved in their first live investigation!

Sparring Partners by John Grisham

New York Times best-selling author and master of the legal thriller offers up a collection of novellas for your summer reading pleasure. Sparring Partners presents three stories that have been described as powerful, moving, and suspenseful. If you want something a little longer to dive into, be sure to check out his latest novel, The Judge’s List. This one features Florida investigator Lucy Stolz who is on the trail of a serial killer when she discovers that one of the most heinous criminals might actually be sitting in the courtroom.

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