Gifts For Those Who Don’t Need Anything

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You could say that the law of diminishing returns applies to Christmas gifts as we age: As time goes on, we can use less and less material gifts. At a certain point, we accumulate so many possessions that when we say “I don’t need anything for Christmas,” we really mean it. So, rather than continue to fill your house (or someone else’s) with new objects, consider these gift ideas.

Refurbish Something Old

At a certain point in life, we might not need many new things – but we may have some old things we love that have been worn down over the years. Rather than replacing these possessions, which might have sentimental value, you can refurbish them and present them as gifts. Old instruments, jewelry, and watches are good candidates. Beloved t-shirts can be made into a quilt, and old pictures can be nicely framed and hung. Giving an old possession an upgrade can also be less expensive than replacing it.

Indoor and Outdoor Plants

For gifts that keep on giving, consider a tree, bush, flower garden, or indoor plant. These can enhance the beauty of one’s yard or home and benefit the environment as well. Buying the seeds for or planting a fruit tree or an herb garden for someone can be a gift they can enjoy year-round. You don’t necessarily have to wait to plant a tree because one of the best times to plant is during their dormant stage in early winter.


Rather than slowing down, many near-retirees and retirees speed up, taking advantage of their time and wealth to travel and explore interests. Even if some travel plans and activities are put on hold for now, there will be plenty of time for them in the future. Unlike things, experiences don’t take up room, and they can create lifelong memories with loved ones. Your retirement should be what you want it to be, and you may be looking for a new hobby or travel idea. Getting an experience as a gift can be a great first step.

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