Covering COVID-19 Funeral Expenses

Covering COVID-19 Funeral Expenses Barnett Financial & Tax

Have you lost a loved one from the COVID-19 virus and are preparing funeral services? The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) may be able to help by covering up to $9,000 per funeral for qualified expenses.

FEMA can help cover funeral expenses if you are a US citizen, the death occurred in the US or US territories, the death was attributed to the COVID-19 virus and are responsible for funeral expenses incurred on or after January 20th of 2020.

FEMA may approve COVID-19 funeral assistance for expenses such as funeral services, cremation, caskets or urns, burial plots, markers or headstones, funeral ceremonies, equipment, staff, and more.

FEMA has given $2.6 billion to eligible applicants for COVID-19 Funeral Assistance.

To prove eligibility, you must provide FEMA with a signed funeral home contract, invoice, receipts, or other documentation that shows you are responsible for some, or all expenses associated with the deceased, the items paid for, and proof that the expenses occurred on or after January 20th of 2020. In addition, a copy of an official death certificate is required by FEMA to confirm the time, location, and cause of death.

To apply, you must follow the guidelines laid out by FEMA here:, and call the number listed to start your application.

If FEMA approves your application, funds will be deposited to your bank account or sent by mail in the form of a Department of the Treasury check, depending on which option you choose during your application. Funds usually arrive within a few days of approval, and you will receive a notification letter.

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