What Is Ageism and How Can You Overcome It?

What Is Ageism and How Can You Overcome It? Barnett Financial & Tax

Ageism is discrimination against someone based on their age. It can happen in overt or subtle ways, in the workplace and in our daily lives. There are plenty of negative stereotypes about older people that can affect how you think about aging. It’s important to think about how to overcome ageism and negative thinking about…

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It’s Time to Re-Frame the Way We Think About Aging

It’s Time to Re-Frame the Way We Think About Aging Barnett Financial & Tax

It’s common to hear people complain about getting older, but aging isn’t all bad. A positive attitude towards aging can go a long way towards finding happiness in retirement. There are plenty of things that get better with age, like a fine wine, so why not you too? Here are some wise words that can…

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How to Get Through the “Disenchantment” Phase of Retirement

How to Get Through the “Disenchantment” Phase of Retirement Barnett Financial and Tax

Everyone talks a lot about how to prepare for retirement financially, but often there is less focus on how to re-orient your life and mindset. Research shows that the way people feel about their retirements follows a u-shaped curve; first, people are quite positive, then not as much, and then are positive again. From the…

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Will You Get Happier As You Age?

Will You Get Happier As You Age? Barnett Financial & Tax

There’s no doubt that our culture often overlooks the benefits of aging. You may not have looked forward to getting older when you were younger, but now that you’re nearing retirement, you may have gained a different perspective. The fact is, many studies have found that happiness does increase with age.[1] There could be many…

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How to Change Your Habits

How to Change Your Habits Barnett Financial and Tax

We’ve all heard the saying, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” but is it true? Maybe it is for dogs, but not for people. You can always learn new habits, no matter what age you are. It starts with understanding how the brain works and building on success. You can go from seeing…

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Can You Be Forever Young?

Can You Be Forever Young? Barnett Financial and Tax

In a landmark “Counterclockwise” study at Harvard University,[1] a group of men in their 70s went to a retreat locale that was a sort of time machine back to 1959. The participants listened to Perry Como, watched Ed Sullivan, read magazines from the ’50s, and were not allowed to speak about anything that took place…

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Do We Live In An Ageist Society?

America has an aging population, and many of our most successful individuals are middle-aged or older. Yet, there seems to be evidence of widespread ageism. Sometimes it can be seen in a seemingly benign birthday card depicting age as something to laugh at or feel bad about, but other times it takes the form of…

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Handle Life’s Busy Seasons Like An Accountant During Tax Season

Generally, accountants have a good work-life balance, but they’re notoriously busy during tax season. From January to April, their workload increases significantly, and they must come up with new techniques to manage their time. Sometimes when we’re used to a routine, extra work or activity can throw us off because we don’t know how to…

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Age Does Come Before Beauty

Despite the fact that America has an aging population, there is ample evidence of ageism happening around us. The way we perceive older adults can limit our roles in society as we age and a pervasive negative view of aging can have a psychological impact on us. Sometimes ageism can be seen in a seemingly…

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Can Nostalgia Overcome Aging?

aging psychology

You might think that the more recent an event, the easier it would be to remember it. And you might think that things that happened to you a long time ago would be harder to recall, but the human brain and memory are actually more complex. There is what psychologists call a “reminiscence bump,” which…

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