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What to expect when working with a financial advisor Barnett Financial & Tax

What to Expect When Working with a Financial Advisor

November 27, 2023

Working with a financial advisor is a big deal. In the same way a good doctor may know key aspects of your personal health, a good financial advisor will know the crucial aspects of your financial situation–all to help you improve your financial health and retirement longevity. That’s why it’s important to know what to expect when working…

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5 Fun Winter Activities to Try Barnett Financial & Tax

5 Fun Winter Activities to Try

November 24, 2023

Winter is a magical season filled with frosty landscapes, cozy fires, and the promise of the holiday season. While the cold weather might encourage some to stay in, there’s a myriad of activities that can keep you entertained throughout the season. Here are five engaging winter activities you can try. Craft a Gingerbread House Gingerbread houses and winter…

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Understanding the Four Phases of Your Retirement Budget Strategy

November 20, 2023

One way of thinking about retirement is that it happens in phases. The length of each phase and the strategies for each are going to differ from person to person, but this can be a helpful way to break down a very complex topic. We’re going to break down each one of the phases and explain some important…

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3 Old Board Games to Revisit

November 17, 2023

In a time when computers and online platforms dominate our leisure time, revisiting classic board games like Scrabble, Rummikub, and Clue can offer a refreshing change of pace and a great way to unplug for the night. These games, timeless in their appeal, provide not just entertainment but also a way to stimulate the mind and foster social…

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Take Advantage of These Tax Strategies Before the Year Ends 

November 13, 2023

We’re coming up on the end of the year, and while it’s a time to take a break and enjoy the holiday season, it’s also a good time to consider tax strategies that may benefit you. Because taxes are calculated from January 1st to December 31st of each year, and certain retirement rules and laws reset at the…

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Four Movies to Add to Your Winter Watchlist Barnett Financial & Tax

Four Movies to Add to Your Winter Watchlist

November 10, 2023

As winter approaches, the weather outside is getting colder, and the nights are drawing in. It’s the perfect time to curl up on the sofa with a hot drink and enjoy some great films. Here are four fantastic movies that are perfect for the winter season. First on the list is the heartwarming holiday tale “Christmas Inheritance.” This…

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4 Birthdays Crucial to Your Pre-Retirement Plan Barnett Financial & Tax

4 Birthdays Crucial to Your Pre-Retirement Plan

November 6, 2023

There are many important birthdays when it comes to retirement planning. So, as you approach your retirement, it’s crucial to have a few of these in mind as key milestones. Here are 4 important birthdays to make note of as you set up your financial future:   Catch-Up Contributions Begin at Age 50 When you reach age 50,…

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Become a Magazine Person in Retirement Barnett Financial & Tax

Become a Magazine Person in Retirement

November 3, 2023

In this digital age, shifting our attention back to the tangible world of magazines might seem like a step back, but there’s a certain charm and satisfaction in flipping through the crisp pages of a well-curated publication. Here are some compelling reasons to revisit the world of magazines and a few exceptional recommendations to get you started. A…

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Social Security Strategies to Discuss with a Financial Professional Barnett Financial & Tax

Social Security Strategies to Discuss with a Financial Professional

October 30, 2023

Everyone’s financial situation is different. Loan status, job situation, and the age of your kids all significantly impact your financial situation as you approach retirement. When it comes to Social Security there are a lot of different factors to consider, and the right path forward may not be apparent to you. Just because someone else made a similar…

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3 Unique Hobbies for Retirees to Try Barnett FInancial & Tax

3 Unique Hobbies for Retirees to Try

October 25, 2023

Retirement is a golden period of life, brimming with opportunities for exploring new hobbies and revisiting old ones. Maybe you’re interested in exploring model trains. Maybe you’re looking to travel the world. This phase affords retirees the time and freedom to dive into activities that can enrich their lives both mentally and physically. Three hobbies that stand out…

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